I'm a social entrepreneur, international speaker, and advocacy communications expert based in Manila. I'm a big fan of nature hikes, open water diving, silly dance moves, horses, and my English sheepdog Button.

My life's work is focused on these three main pillars:

education FOR ALL

Where you start in life shouldn't limit the kind of opportunities you have access to. My vision is a world where every child has access to quality education no matter what their socio-economic background is.

women empowerment

I'm passionate about providing mentorship and economic opportunities for women and young girls. I also use the power of storytelling in emboldening others to use their voice. 


elevating discourse

I believe in the value of public discourse to shape a more informed and empathetic society. My goal is to create more avenues where people can have genuine and respectful discussions. 

Quality Education For All


Mano Amiga is a nonprofit organization providing high quality education & community development services to children & families from low-income communities.Mano Amiga uplifts communities through increased student learning outcomes, improved access to health and medical services, and increased sustainable livelihood opportunities. for families. Visit www.manoamigaph.org to learn more.


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Empowerment through Social Discourse


She Talks Asia (www.shetalksasia.com) aims to spark global female conversations through on-ground conferences, advocacy campaigns, and online stories focused on educating, empowering, and inspiring females from all over the world.

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Source: She Talks Asia Every Girl Can event recap deck

Source: She Talks Asia Every Girl Can event recap deck


Sustainable livelihood for disadvantaged women


Bistro Cafe is the multi-awarded social enterprise arm of Mano Amiga Philippines that delivers healthy meals to schools and office lunchrooms. Bistro Cafe trains and employs women from disadvantaged communities, particularly the Mothers of the Mano Amiga students. The profits of Bistro Cafe are reinvested in the Mano Amiga scholarship fund, contributing to its financial and social sustainability.



Global Collaboration for Peace & Inclusive Growth


The UNAOC Summer School gathers young leaders from across the world to address global challenges within the context of cultural and religious diversity through increased participation in the dialogue for peace . The Intercultural Leaders Network serves as a collaboration platform among the UNAOC alumni, giving birth to projects that bring about positive change and help build more  inclusive societies.